The Changing Process of Globalization

The Changing Process of Globalization

Settembre 2016
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It is now 30 years from the Soviet system’s collapse, when the Western values, based on political liberalism and free-market, were almost universally heralded as the pillar of what at that time was thought of being announced as the coming of a new world order. The fall of the Berlin Wall was perceived as a historical watershed between an age of “balance of terror” and one of resurgent hope for a largely shared peace and prosperity. A Uni-multipolar order was going to replace a Bi-polar world division, with the United States at the helm of the free nations’ bandwagon.

Since that extraordinary event many things have changed and not always for the better. Many analysts started wondering whether the new order- which was supposed to be sustained by a three pronged globalization (political, economic and institutional)- was at risk, or if the three dynamics it had laid down were at a crossroads.

This book tries to answer this question and respond to other concerns about the current, unparalleled economic and security world turmoil. The author argues that Western powers have been, so far, rather defensive, aimed more to protect past advances than forging new ones. Hence his wish to provide the readers with a short, yet comprehensive analysis on the daring challenges which clearly emerge from a changing process of globalization.

  • Antonio Badini

    insegna Politiche della globalizzazione alla LUISS. Nella sua lunga carriera diplomatica è stato ambasciatore d’Italia in Algeria, Norvegia ed Egitto, oltre che Consigliere Diplomatico per la Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri e Direttore generale al Ministero degli Esteri per il Mediterraneo e il Medio Oriente. Scrive di politica estera per riviste e quotidiani italiani.

    Antonio Badini is in charge of the English taught study course on Politics of Globalization at LUISS University in Rome, Italy. Former carrier diplomate, he was Foreign Affairs Adviser of the late Prime Minister Bettino Craxi and Personal Representative to the G7 Summits of the former Prime Minister Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. He was Italian Ambassador to Algeria, Egypt and Norway and Director General for the Mediterranean and the Middle East in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has extensively written on foreign policy issues in Italian magazines and dailies.