Investing in Long-Term Europe

This Volume collects contributions on the critical link between investment and growth in Europe. It aims at documenting, and building on, the fundamental shift in policy concepts that took place in the EU around 2015. This period was defined by the critical transitions underway: from recession to recovery; from inward-looking interrogations to pressure for action and delivery; from the Barroso Commission to that of J.C.Juncker; from depression to market volatility and uncertainty; from domestic political bickering to threatening geopolitical instability; from one European legislature to the next. Financial markets have been at the center of all these transitions. Indeed, to some extent they contributed to the challengeswith their own transitions and vulnerabilities.However, at some point, something happened that changed the picture. A clearly perceived discontinuity determined a break with the past. The world of finance was at the heart of it, not only as part of the problem, but above all as part of the solution. “Finance for growth” encapsulated this change of sentiment. The contributions to this Volume,representing a variety and a wide-range of points of view and perspectives, illustrate the meaning and value of “finance for growth”, and how and why this concept can be apply, and has been applied to the most prominent items in the European economic policy agenda.