ICT and Innovation. A Step Forward to a Global Society

ItAIS (www.itais.org) was established in 2003 as the Italian Chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AIS - www.aisnet.org) and has since then been promoting the exchange of ideas, experience, and knowledge among both academics and professionals committed to the development, management, organization and use of information systems. The itAIS conference is the major annual event of the Italian Information System community and it is thought as a forum to promote discussions and experiences exchanges among researchers in the field, both from the academy and the industry. Being the current the eleventh edition, in 2016 itAIS was held in Verona. The previous editions took place in Rome on 2015, Genova on 2014, Milan on 2013, Rome on 2012 and 2011, Naples on 2010, Costa Smeralda on 2009, Paris on 2008, Venice on 2007, Milan on 2006, Verona on 2005, and again Naples on 2004.
itAIS 2016 aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and doctoral students to exchange and share their experiences, ideas, challenges, solutions, and research results about all aspects related to the impact of Information Technology and Innovation Trends in Organizations.
The conference includes 16 tracks: (1) Organizational change and Impact of ICT; (2) Accounting Information Systems; (3) Advanced ICT support for innovation strategies, management, and implementations; (4) Human-computer interaction; (5) Continuous Redesign of Socio-Technical Systems; (6) Digitalization trends in Human Resources Management; (7) e-Services, Social Networks, and Smartcities; (8) ICT-enabled innovation in public services: co-production and collaborative networking; (9) The new era of digitalization in Healthcare and Public sector; (10) IS (lost) in the Cloud; (11) Internet of Things: exploring tensions in global information infrastructures; (12) Technology- enhanced learning: transforming learning processes in organizations; (13) Supply Chain Resilience and Security; (14) Digital Marketing
and Analytics. The participation success that has been registered in the previous editions is confirmed this year. The conference attracted more than 80 submissions from Italian and foreigner researchers. Among them, more 6 than 68 contributions have been accepted for presentation at the conference following a double-blind review process. Among them, 19 are published in this book, the other will appear in a volume of the Springer Series Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisations1.
The conference took place at Economics Department, University of Verona (Santa Marta campus) on October 7th – 8th, 2016 and is organized in 5 parallel sessions. We would like to thank all the authors who submitted papers and all conference participants. We are also grateful to the chairs of the fourteen tracks and the external referees, for their thorough work in reviewing submissions with expertise and patience, and to the President and members of the itAIS steering committee for their strong support and encouragement in the organization of itAIS 2016. A special thanks to all members of the Organizing Committee for their precious support to the organization and management of the event and in the publication of the enclosed proceedings.

  • Stefano Za

    insegna e svolge attività di ricerca nell’ambito di Organizzazione e Sistemi Informativi presso la LUISS. Dal 2008 è segretario dell’associazione Italiana sui sistemi informativi (www.itais.org). Dal 2016 è visiting professor presso la EM Strasbourg Business School. Esperto di analisi e riprogettazione dei processi organizzativi e gestione del cambiamento promosso dalle tecnologie digitali, è reviewer e autore di articoli scientifici per conferenze e riviste in ambito Organizzazione e Sistemi Informativi.